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WOOLSAFE Approved Carpet Inspector Edinburgh

'WoolSafe' is a certification programme for carpet maintenance products and was established in 1991 under the name CAMPES - the Carpet Maintenance Products Evaluation Scheme - by the International Wool Secretariat (IWS), now called the Woolmark Company, in close collaboration with Cleaning Research International (CRi). Dr. Eric Brown set up and owns Cleaning Research International.

Extensive laboratory trials were carried out to standardize a comprehensive range of test methods, and to document the performance criteria for accepting - or rejecting - carpet maintenance products as being suitable for cleaning and protecting wool carpets.

The criteria and test methods chosen were based largely on internationally used standards and tests. The WoolSafe Organisation is also a valuable source of advice on how to look after your carpets and rugs and is supported in Europe by the Wool Marketing Board.

WoolSafe Registered Inspectors

Have extensive experience in investigating causes for complaint based on their involvement with carpets and rugs over many years. To qualify as a WoolSafe carpet inspector it is necessary to have at least 5 years practical experience in the carpet and flooring industry and an examination must be taken. Visit the woolSafe website to check for registered Inspectors .

Woolsafe registered carpet inspectors investigate carpet complaints on-site on behalf of suppliers, fitters, cleaners or owners, arrange tests where required, and provide comprehensive reports.

We serve customers in West Lothian, Edinburgh , Falkirk , and in Ayrshire

Do you have a carpet complaint or problem that needs independent assessment by an experienced carpet Inspector?

Do you live in the Edinburgh, Lothians or Central Belt of Scotland? Are you looking for an Expert to help resolve the issue? Does your carpet have a manufacturing flaw, installation problem or has it suffered damage after a clean? We can carry out chemical analysis and a physical examination to get to the bottom of the problem.

We have years of experience in the investigation of carpet complaints. Our job is to establish the truth and give a definitive answer. Our job is not to find on the side of who ever employs us. Findings will be based on facts and we will be prepared to defend our findings in the witness box should a case proceed to court. We are completely independent.

All investigations are carried out by Bill Weir who was trained by Dr Eric Brown. Dr Brown has undertaken inspections in the USA, Canada, Oman, Iran, Jordan and more than 10 European Countries. These have involved carpet problems in casinos, hotels, restaurants, corporate headquarters and on cruise ships, even Royal Yachts. His knowledge is second to none and his teaching courses are highly sought after. As a result of training by Dr Brown...

I investigate and report on

Carpet manufacturing faults

Whilst the vast majority of modern carpets are manufactured to exacting standards with rigorous levels of quality control, very occasionally, a fault can go unnoticed by the manufacturer. An example of a carpet of a manufacturing fault is shown below:

Spooling Error in Axminster Carpet in a restaurant. This clearly is a bona fide carpet complaint and the fault was rectified by re-tufting at manufacturer’s expense.

Carpet fitting faults

Many carpet problems are caused by poor quality fitting. A carpet may be ruined if adequate care is not taken at the fitting stage and will often result in a shortened useful life for even the highest quality floor coverings.

Installation Damage in corporate headquarters. Occupiers were able to bring a successful claim against installers.

Faults caused by careless cleaning

Regular careful cleaning will extend the life of your carpet and maintain its appearance, but careless treatment can ruin it in minutes.

Premature Soiling and partial restoration of casino carpet. Casino operators believed that the yellow had faded. We were able to demonstrate that it was merely dirty.

Colour Bleeding

Colour Bleeding as a result of poor maintenance on cruise ship. Carpet was found to be in an alkaline condition as a result of using incorrect cleaning chemicals. Although convinced that this was a genuine carpet complaint the ship's owners ultimately recognised this to be a training issue.

I offer a full chemical analysis service for carpets which have recently been cleaned and have subsequently displayed faults.

Probably the most common complaint which is deemed not to be a fault/flaw.

Carpet manufacturing faults

An extreme example of Pile Reversal in a hotel lobby. We were able to reassure the hotel management that this is not a fault and that life expectancy would not be affected.

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