Customer Testimonials

These are a selection of testimonials given to Bill Weir and his team from various customers in the Edinburgh and Lothians region. They are representative of the effort, knowledge and attention to detail that is displayed on every job.

Aquatec have just turned my ten year old carpets into brand new carpets.  They look as good as the day they were laid.
D.Robertson. Falkirk. Carpet Cleaning.
A pleasure to have in my house and the carpets look fantastic. This was not an easy job but all stains have gone and the carpets smell lovely. A truly professional carpet cleaner.

Mrs Martin, Edinburgh. Carpet Cleaning

Great job. Carpets like new, really good machinery to get the dirt and stains out and fantastic after sales service.

Mr O'Connell, Edinburgh. Carpet Cleaning

Had my carpets and sofa cleaned by Aquatec today. Amazed at the results. Everything back to looking like new. No shoes allowed in the house from now on!

Mrs Bain, Broxburn. Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Lovely job carried out by Bill and Kenny. Great results and both couldn't have been nicer.

Mrs Spencer, Falkirk. Carpet Cleaning


Mrs Hendry, Linlithgow. Sofa Cleaning

Arrived on time. Excellent result and no mess.

Mrs Cosgrove, Livingston. Sofa Cleaning

Amazing difference to my living room and hall carpets. Many thanks to Bill and Kenny.

Mr Martin, Broxburn. Carpet Cleaning

I have used Aquatec for many years now and every time I am amazed at the results. Bill always tells me he can't work miricles (I have two dogs and three children) and each time the carpets come out like new. I wouldn't even consider going anywhere else. Great professional company and I can't recommend highly enough

Mrs Masters, Edinburgh. Carpet Cleaning

Bill and Kenny cleaned my suite and a couple of carpets. Everything looks brand new again and smells lovely. I would definately recommend Aquatec to anyone considering their services

Mrs Smith, South Queensferry. Carpet and Upholstery cleaning

Aquatec helped me with a pest problem I had. Insecticide was spayed down and the problem has been resolved. Excellent service at a reasonable cost.

Mrs Gordon, Edinburgh. Pest Control

Bill and Kenny cleaned my carpets today. They moved all my furniture and nothing was too much trouble. Great service from a couple of very nice guys and the results were fantastic. Thank you both.

Mrs Douglas, Edinburgh. Carpet Cleaning

Aquatec cleaned my sofa's today. Just brilliant - that is all I need to say.

Mrs Brown, Livingston. Upholstery Cleaning

Bill Weir cleaned my Livingroom carpet and my hall carpet today. The results were stunning. I didn't think carpet cleaning would make such a huge difference as I didn't think they were too bad. Just goes to show and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Bill and his company Aquatec Cleaning Group.

Mrs Warner, Edinburgh. Carpet Cleaning

Huge difference to my kitchen floor. The stone looks great and all the grout lines are perfect. Many thanks for an outstanding job.

Mrs Jamieson, Larbert. Stone Floor Cleaning

I had never used Aquatec before but I will from now on. Amazing result on my carpet. All stains gone!

Mrs Cowan , Livingston. Carpet Cleaning

Excellent results. I have had my carpets cleaned many times before but Bill has blown me away with the results he has achieved. Best carpet clean ever and I won't be using anyone but Bill in future

Ms Snow, Edinburgh. Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Carpets look like new after every visit by Bill and with two little ones, a hard task to achieve but they do! A company that you know can and do an excellent job every time. Great value and I trust their advice and would not use anyone else.

Mrs Tauadia, Edinburgh. Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Very happy, particularly with the cleaning of our sofa. The sofa is eight years old and after being cleaned, it looks like brand new again. A very prompt and professional service.

Mrs Paton, Edinburgh. Upholstery Cleaning

They couldn't have done more or been more professional. The results were fantastic and was given advice on how to remove certain stains with the minimum of fuss and potential damage to my carpets.

Mrs McVey, Livingston. Carpet cleaning.

Completely professional. Arrived on time and worked away without fuss. The curtains are much brighter as is the carpet and they both smell great.

Mrs Powell, Edinburgh. Curtain and carpet cleaning

I forgot to mention, that I was very impressed with your first email response to my quote request! I asked for quotes from multiple companies yesterday and each of them forgot to answer at least one of my 3 questions. None of them responded with a date, a few didn't respond at all and only one responded re the mould question but failed to answer a follow-up. Please keep that up as it's so rare these days to get full responses and great service!

Wulf R, Linlithgow. Carpet Cleaning

Just had my Hall, Stairs & Landing cleaned. Fantastic job, so professional - best job I have ever had done cleaning carpets. Thank you, will definitely use and recommend again.

Janet Mackay, West Calder. Carpet Cleaning

I had my carpets cleaned just before christmas, excellent job done, my light carpet throughout the house looks like new again, even managed to get the sick mark out from my 6 year old after he had pizza! Very professional and great value for money would recommend them to all my friends and family or indeed anyone who wants their carpets cleaned.

Kirsty Robertson, Edinburgh. Carpet Cleaning

The approach was very professional. The job was described and a price agreed. The carpet cleaning was carried out on time and without mess. The result was excellent. The carpets are much brighter and all the stains on the suite removed. Job carried out efficiently and on time. This is a very reliable service since it means that my time was not wasted.

Mrs A Hunter (Retired Chemist), Falkirk. Upholstery Cleaning

The benefits of the rug been taken away to be cleaned was easier for me as I have three small children, and overall this is much more professional. When my rug was returned, it looked like a brand new rug. And I was extremely happy with the result. 99% of the stains were completely gone. Amazing result. I was at the stage with my rug to just put it in the loft, so it was the best £50 I have ever spent.

Mrs Jacquie McCann (Housewife), Mid Calder, West Lothian. Rug Cleaning

Truly professional. I am highly delighted with the result. Suite showed a huge difference, especially on heavily soiled areas. Carpet seemed fluffier and thicker. A totally clean look and fresh smell. Everything looked spring-cleaned.

Mrs B. MacKinlay (Retired Teacher), Redding, Falkirk. Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning

Excellent service. Brilliant results. Highly recommended.

Mrs Miller, Linlithgow. Carpet Cleaning

Professional Company. Carpet and suite look like new – very pleased. (Benefits that you have received) Flexibility and follow up visit.

Mrs C. Kane (Clerkess / WPO) Broxburn, West Lothian. Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

I was pleased with the cleanliness of the carpet and stairs. I also appreciated your honesty re marks that couldn’t be cleaned. (Benefits that you have received) The satisfaction of knowing the carpets and chairs are clean.

Customer (Housewife – Retired), Edinburgh, EH4. Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Very professional. Explained procedures very concisely. Friendly approach. No unrealistic promises. Carpet cleaning was very satisfactory – a light coloured carpet and new puppy – the results can be well imagined! Once treated the carpet ‘came up’ as new. The main benefit was to greatly reduce the ‘Doggy Smell’. (Is there anything I could do to deliver a better service?) No – the level of service was superb.

Dr Charlie Sommerville (Doctor of Homoeopathic Medicine), Uphall, West Lothian. Carpet Cleaning

Very pleased with outcome, in particular a big stain has been removed from a bedroom carpet. (Benefits received) Stain protector – having twins on way and a 5-year-old son. (Is there anything I could do to deliver a better service?) No – very professional and helpful.

Mrs Marie Oyston (Personal Financial Adviser), Livingston, West Lothian. Carpet Cleaning and Stain Protection

A professional service was provided at all times, which gave me a feeling of trust, which is very important when you have people in your house. A very friendly team which put me at ease. The result achieved was beyond my expectations. I am thrilled and delighted with the new look my rooms have since the carpets have been cleaned. They have been given a new lease of life and look as brand new as the day they were laid. (Benefits received) Bill told me the best way to maintain the look of the carpets and keep stains at bay without using expensive products, which can cause damage.

Sue Hunter (Best Housewife & Mother in the World), Livingston, West Lothian. Carpet Cleaning

Easy to talk to, service explained well. Timely visit and quote. Very good job completed. Informative and set correct expectations of timing for drying. Good result. The marks, which were queried at the time of the quote – some were left, which was expected. Good job done after recent alterations to the house, so it was pretty bad. (Benefits received) Clean carpet – easier to keep clean with the protector on it. (Is there anything I could do to deliver a better service?) No – just keep doing this. Good job – well done. Thank You.

Customer (Sales Manager), Livingston, West Lothian. Carpet Cleaning

Thank you VERY much. I gather from The girl staying there they look fantastic.

Mrs Kelly, Edinburgh. Carpet Cleaning

Hi Bill,
Thank you for cleaning the carpets and getting the paint off the chair. The flat looks great!

Mrs Pang, Edinburgh. Carpet Cleaning

Many thanks for your help. The carpets look amazing and I thought they were beyond saving. I can't believe how well they have come up and all the stains are away. Fantastic effort.

Mr Sharp, Falkirk. Carpet cleaning

I had my leather suite cleaned a couple of years ago but I wasn't terribly pleased with the final result. After Bill from Aquatec cleaned it, I can clearly see that I was justified. Bill has done a far better job than the last lot and the difference is simply amazing. The same applies to my living room carpet, which again is far better this time than last. I will always user Aquatec from now on. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Mrs Blagg, Livingston. Leather upholstery and carpet clean

Great job in cleaning my carpets . Whole house was cleaned before we moved in and I feel much better now knowing the carpets are clean. I will use Bill again no problem

Mrs Imran, Bathgate. Carpet cleaning

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