Get Rid Of Bed Bugs and Fleas

At Aquatec Cleaning Group we offer Pest Control. We will investigate the problem and work to eradicate the problem.

The most common complaints from householders are generally in relation too flea’s, moths and bed bugs.

Bed Bugs

Aquatec Cleaning Group offers a comprehensive service to deal with bed-bug infestations. Bed-bug infestations can take a number of months to control and to be effective requires the total co-operation of the householder.

We will attend as quickly as quickly as we can and carry out a full and thorough investigation. Bed bugs are very difficult to eliminate and treatment can take some time. To be effective, the full cooperation of the householder is required.

Can I have to do anything before the treatment commences?

There are a number of actions you must take before the pest control officer attends to ensure the treatment is effective in the quickest possible time.You should only carry these steps out once there has been a definite identification of bedbugs in the property.

  • Loosen the carpet at wall/floor junction, but do not remove it from the room
  • Remove any wall mounted items but do not remove them from the room
  • Remove plug and switch plate covers after isolating the supply to the room. A certified electrician should be used should you not be comfortable with this.
  • Remove all linen from the bed and base. These should be bagged and laundered as per below.
  • Empty cupboards and wardrobes of items.
  • Do not remove any items of furniture from the room. Beds can be treated and do not need to be disposed of.If a mattress is torn and therefore difficult to treat, it can be disposed of but discuss this with the pest-controller. The mattress should be rendered unusable, sealed and disposed of after being treated with insecticide.

Laundering (as applicable to specific items) - These are the only conditions which will kill off all stages of the insect

  • Hot 60oC for 30 minutes. or
  • Hot dry 40-45oC for 30 minutes or
  • Dry cleaning or
  • Freezing (Minimum of -17oC) for 10 hours.

How long does a treatment take?

Commonly the treatments will take over 4 months of weekly or bi-weekly visits to get rid of bed-bugs from your property. Bed-bug infestations are very invasive and difficult to eradicate and will result in major upheavals to your normal life. There is always a risk of re-infestation should the original infestation be brought in by guests.


Aquatec Cleaning Group also provides a comprehensive service to deal with flea infestations.

Again, we will attend as quickly as possible. Where possible, it is beneficial if the householder has caught a flea, which will aid a quick and positive identification.

What can the householder do?

Only carry out the following once the pest control service has positively identified a flea infestation. Until we do so no treatment will be carried out.There are a number of actions you must take before the pest control officer attends to ensure the treatment is effective in the quickest possible time.

  • Thoroughly vacuum the carpets/floors throughout the house and discard the contents of the vacuum cleaner in the bin outside.
  • Make sure there are no non-furniture items lying on the floor.
  • Move all furniture into the centre of the room leaving at least 1n 18 inch gap around floor/wall junctions.
  • If you have any dogs or cats please make sure that they are treated for fleas before we attend.
  • Please ensure there are no pets in the house at the time of our visit. Please let us know if you have fish tanks in the house as some insecticides are fatal to fish.

How long does a treatment take?

Flea treatments may take more than one visit although this is rare. The insecticides used have an active life of six weeks and will protect you for this time as long as they aren't mopped or cleared away.

After treatment you may observe fleas for a short time as there is no treatment which will kill off either the flea eggs or pupae and they have to be allowed to hatch for the insecticide to have an effect.Whilst there are many other forms of household pest, our treatment is primarily aim at the two above. The insecticide is effective against a large range of isects/bugs and we would be happy to offer advice or, in some cases, help.

To administer Insecticide in another persons house, you have to be fully trained and qualified. This is a legal requirement.

Infection Control and Bio-Hazard Waste Management

Sanatising and Disinfecting premises and surfaces

Aquatec Cleaning Group is fully trained and certified by Modular Training Solutions and WoolSafe in sanatising and disinfecting premises and surfaces safely and effectively.

  1. How to follow NHS protocols for infection control using NHS standard products - tested to provide log kill 6.
  2. The correct use of PPE
  3. Adhering to COSHH regulations
  4. The correct and effective method of fogging and deep cleaning
  5. The handling and removal of contaminated and hazardous waste

This kind of work requires a methodical and detailed approach. To be effective, all surfaces and items must be cleaned before any infection control can take place. If this basic step is omitted, the effectiveness of the disinfecting process will be comprimised. There is a difference between sanatising and disinfecting. Sanatising will reduce the number of bacteria by 99.9 - log kill 3 - but does not affect viruses or fungi. Disinfectants, at best, will give 100% reduction - log kill 6 - of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

PPE is required when undertaking infection control to protect the operator from harmful viruses that may be present. It is not to protect from the solutions used to disinfect the premises although, disinfectants can in themselves be harmful to a user. Where fogging of a room or premises has taken place, an hour should be allowed to ensure the room/premises is completely safe to re-enter without protection. Evidence strips will have been used prior to this to ensure the application has been effective.

COSHH regulations are in place to protect both the operator and client. These Health and Safety regulations must be adhered to at all times. It is a criminal offence not to adhere to COSHH regulations which can result in a criminal record and a fine of up to £20,000.

Fogging is a method of disinfecting a room/premises, after it has been cleaned, to erradicate any and all viruses using a solution that is log kill 6 - Hospital grade. A fooger produses a mist is solution, made up of tiny particles, which will kill all airborne viruses and any attached to surfaces. It is effective at geeting into small areas to ensure total kill. The Department of Health says "Overall the study indicates that cold fogging with such a broad spectrum water based antimicrobial is a practicle and effective method of decontaminatingNHS hospital ward areas that are potential sources of infection."

There is a legal duty of care when handling and disposing of hazardous waste. The waste has to be kept secure and must be disosed of with a registered contractor, licenced to handle the waste.Records of the transfer must be obtained and kept. All hazardous waste must be bagged (double bagged and sealed) in bags labled as hazardous waste.

The latest virus which has caused a pandemic is the Sars - Cov2 virus. this virus, which comes under the broad heading of Coronavirus, causes the disease Covid -19 in patients. All coronaviruses are referred too as envelope viruses because they are enveloped in a fatty, lipid, substance. If this protective layer is removed, the virus is very easy to kill. The solutions used by Aquatec have a broad spectrum kill range and are tested to be effective against Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhimurium, MRSA, Influenza A H1N1, Human Rtavirus and many others to a log kill of 6.

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