Many companies will try to gain your custom by quoting very cheap prices but this should sound a warning bell. The only way to save on cost is to compromise on quality. When deciding who to employ to clean your carpets, curtains or upholstery, ask yourself and them the following:

What training do you have?

Training is vital as it keeps you up to date with the latest developments in the carpet cleaning industry as well as the latest trends in fibre mixes etc. This is very important when carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning as the industry is constantly looking for new fibres or fibre mixes. Nothing beats training and education when deciding on a carpet cleaning company or carpet cleaner. Experience is also vital but it should be backed up by industry certified training.

Look for WoolSafe, NCCA or IICRC qualifications. These are the only Industry certified qualifications.

What equipment and cleaning solutions do you use? Are the cleaning solutions approved by leading carpet manufacturers?

Put your trust in WoolSafe solutions as these solutions are tested to not only clean as claimed but are guaranteed not to resoil and are safe for all concerned. They have been rigorously tested and approved safe for all fibres. WoolSafe is a worldwide organisation that sets standards in the wool industry. Most of the worlds leading manufacturers have their products WoolSafe approved but not all. The testing is rigorous and only the best solutions achieve the required standard. Always ask your carpet cleaner if the solutions being used are WoolSafe approved and don't settle for anything less.

Do you have different cleaning methods for different situations?

Different materials require different cleaning methods. Choosing the correct method and the correct solution for the job in hand is of paramount importance if the best possible results are to be achieved. Damage can be caused if the wrong solutions or equipment are used. A well trained carpet cleaner will be aware of the different methods and requirements of different fibre types. A good carpet cleaning company will have more than one carpet cleaning method available and will offer the best advice on with method is best to achieve the best possible result when cleaning your carpet. Damage through use of the wrong solutions or equipment is permanent.

Are your customers happy with the cleaning you provided?

Check testimonials and where possible, go with word of mouth recommendations. A carpet cleaning company or a carpet cleaner should be able to produce testimonials when asked. Remember, soft furnishings are extremely expensive items and care should be taken when employing a carpet cleaner or upholstery cleaner. Leather cleaning should be undertaken by a qualified leather cleaner using the correct products and procedures. It is very easy to damage the coating on a leather suite which will lead to an expensive repair.

Feedback is important and a walk through should be undertaken with the client prior to and at the end of every carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning job.

Is your work fully guaranteed?

At Aquatec , we offer a complete guarantee of satisfaction on every job. Should you think a better result is possible, we will re-clean the area in question or if appropriate, offer a full refund, where correctly set expectations have not been met. We are meticulous in our approach to cleaning carpets and upholstery and we always set realistic expectations with the customer prior to commencing a clean. "An explanation before starting a job is information. An explanation after a clean is an excuse!"

Do you use 'bait and switch' tactics?

Unfortunately it's common for those quoting very cheap prices to try and sell up their services at the point of undertaking the work. The idea is to get a foot in the door and then to explain that the carpet clean is being offered at the basic price - probably without any cleaning agents being used, just water. The client is then offered an upgrade which any reasonable person would take. Before you realise it, the price you are going to pay is many times the initial price and probably more than a reputable company would have charged in the first place. Ensure you know exactly what you have been quoted for to ensure no nasty surprises.

Is your company insured against accidental damage?

Every tradesman that enters your property should have public liability insurance.This insurance covers the carpet cleaner for accidental damage or injury to a person. It does not always cover the item being worked on.

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