Do You Need To Use A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service?

Should You Get Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

Carpets act as filters and they trap pollutants, allergens, grit and many other nasties. Regular vacuuming will remove a fair proportion of these but cannot remove it all. Over time, this will build up to the point that the carpet can hold almost its own weight in soiling.

Often, you can see this build up if you part the tufts of your carpet and look down to the base of the pile. This soiling will act as sandpaper, wearing at the pile and so reducing the life of your carpet. This wear and tear can be significantly reduced by regular and professional carpet cleaning by Aquatec Cleaning Group . It’s important that the correct procedures, solutions and equipment is used or, you can add to the problem by not removing the soiling in the first instance and by leaving a sticky residue behind which will attract and hold even more soiling.

Areas that are most used such as traffic lanes, will always show signs of wear and tear first. The ideal scenario is to clean your carpets before these areas start to show but, this is not always possible. The reason these areas do start to appear dull, dark and lifeless is because traffic lanes are predominately affected by oily, sticky residues. As a result, more and more dirt sticks to these areas specifically and they become very obvious. If left too long, irreversible damage to the colour of your carpet can occur.

Another indication, especially if you have dark coloured carpets which are less likely to show traffic lanes, is the air quality in your house. Does the air smell stale? Just as when you use your vacuum cleaner with a full bag, there is a distinctive musty smell. This is a very good indication that your carpet is full of pollutants etc. and the time is probably overdue to employ a professional cleaner – Aquatec Cleaning Group. This will improve the indoor air quality and give you a healthier home.

Reasons to employ Aquatec Cleaning Group

At Aquatec Cleaning group we offer a guarantee of satisfaction. We employ the best customer service practices, we offer pre and post clean advice and we are more than happy to spend as long as necessary to achieve the best possible result for each and every customer – irrespective of the size of the job.

Customers have different reasons for employing a carpet cleaning service and our aim is to achieve the best possible results every time. To this end, we don’t just mean removing every stain or mark but, to clean deep down, leaving the carpet as hygienically clean as possible. We use only the best solutions that are WoolSafe tested and approved, the best and most powerful equipment and the best industry systems and procedures. This ensures that no residue is left behind to act as a dirt magnet leading to early re-soiling problems. The equipment also ensures that relative drying times are kept to a minimum.

Different carpet types and different environments can benefit from different cleaning methods. Hot water extraction (HWE) is used by the majority of carpet cleaning companies. Every method has its advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage of HWE is that the carpet is left slightly damp and can take 2-6hrs to dry. Where a family has small children, this drying time can be less than ideal. In this instance, Aquatec has a low moisture system called DryFusion that cleans, stain blocks and heat dries in one process. This gives a drying time of 30mins or less.

Some people suffer from allergies and asthma, often brought on by dust mites or, more accurately, dust mite faeces. Aquatec can help here as we use the industry leading PROmite which kills dust mites for up to twelve months. This allows sufferers to breathe easier.

Aquatec Cleaning group does everything in our power to make the process of carpet and upholstery cleaning as painless as possible for the customer. We are happy to move all furniture that can be moved, we turn up when we say we will, we offer fair and honest prices and we strive to always achieve the best possible results. We realise that on occasions there will be accidents we can’t fix but we are confident that no one else will be able to fix them either. Everything we do will be in the best interest of the customer.

As well as serving customers in Edinburgh and West Lothian, we now offer carpet cleaning in Falkirk , and carpet cleaning in Ayrshire .

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