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Contact Aquatec Cleaning Group for any help and advice you may need. We are fully trained in leather cleaning and we endeavour to return your leather to showroom condition. We do not offer a repair service but would be happy to recommend a suitably qualified company.Your Pigmented leather furniture should be professionally deep cleaned once or twice a year depending on usage and colour. This will protect your leather, keep it in tip top condition, will ensure it looks its best and will ensure you get many years use from your investment.

If you have just purchased new leather furniture, this is a great time to give us a call at Aquatec Cleaning Group and we can apply a Leather Protect which will help to safeguard against the possibility of, for example, dye transference from clothing or scatter cushions etc. It will also aid in keeping your new suite clean and will assist in cleaning when the time comes.

Cleaning your leather products can seem unnecessary when you already have a busy schedule. While it’s pretty normal to want to avoid cleaning, there are some important benefits that come from regular leather cleaning. We’ve broken down the top three for you in hopes that it will inspire you to keep cleaning!

Lasting pigmentation:The color and overall look of your leather is bound to be better when it’s been subjected to regular cleanings. It doesn’t need to be anything intense; just wiping down your leather products with a damp cloth on a weekly basis can make a world of difference!

Durability:Caring properly for your leather goods will lead to stronger leather, which will last longer over time. Having to replace a leather sofa or chair can be tedious; regular cleaning and upkeep will keep your fabric strong for many years.

Comfort:Sitting on cracked, aged leather is simply not as comfortable as lounging on a pristine fabric. Basic maintenance, such as wiping down your leather, keeping it out of the sun and using a good leather protector, will help keep your leather in excellent shape.

Keeping your leather in great shape isn’t very hard; a little time and effort is all that is necessary! Aquatec is here to offer tips as well as assistance with difficult maintenance.

Removing Ink from Leather

Probably the most common problem encountered is where biro ink has been accidently (or otherwise) applied to the leather. Similarly, dye transference from jeans or clothing is a major problem.
Removing ink stains from leather is not generally a simple cleaning problem.

The longer the ink has been on the sofa the harder it will be to remove. An ink remover is your initial starting point. These are most effective where the ink mark is new and hasn’t had time to soak deep into the leather. In effect, the ink has re-coloured the leather. Great care should be taken not to rub too hard as it is easy to damage the coating of your suite.

Where an ink remover fails stronger products are needed. These generally will damage the coating of the suite and possibly the colour. The suite would then need to be re-coloured and have the coating re-applied.

Beware the internet where there are many products such as Vaseline and toothpaste, to name but two, that are claimed to remove ink. These products will almost certainly damage the coating of the suite and are rarely effective. The resulting damage can on occasions be impossible to repair.

Analine Leather

Should you own an Analine suite, which are very absorbent, the ink will soak into the leather very quickly. This makes the ink impossible to remove. There are no available products that will remove ink from Analine leather. Do not use ink removers as they will leave a residue which can present great problems.

The ink or dye will, through time, move through the leather and should become less noticeable over time. At Aquatec Cleaning Group, we use LTT products which are exclusive to and are specifically designed for Analine leather.


  • Hairspray – This is very risky as it can make the matter far worse by spreading the ink over a bigger area and can sometimes then be impossible to fix.
  • Nail Varnish remover/solvents – will remove the finish on the leather even if you cannot tell it is doing so and this will then need replacing. Rubbing alcohol may do the same depending on the strength of the finish on the leather.
  • Baby wipes – just about the worst thing you can use on leather as they break down the finish and will eventually ruin it.
  • Milk or Toothpaste – these are just silly ideas that will leave sticky residues on the surface which will help to break down the finish on your leather.
  • Silicones/furniture polish – should never be used on leather. They will form a coating on the surface of the leather which will not allow any moisture to get to the leather itself and will eventually break all the finish down and cause it to crack.
  • Hide food – will not remove ink and will leave residues on the leather which will attract dirt and oils.
  • Bleach
  • WD40
  • Household Cleaners
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